Karakondzhul (also known as karakondzho) is a flok creature that scares and harms people.
The karakondzhul looks like a hairy man with a large head, horns, a tail, one eye and one leg.
It is said that karakondzhuls live “at the end of the world”, underground and come to people only during the winter – in January (the Karakondzhul’s month) and mostly during the so called Durty days – the period from Christmas until Epiphany (24 December – 6 January). People believe that during these 12 days the groud is “on holes”, this the border time between old and new year when all demonic powers comes out to the ground.
During the Durty days karakondzhuls live in caves, rivers, watermills and places where an ivy is planting during the day. And during the night they come out and wander through the people. That’s why it’s “forbidden” to go out when it’s dark – people are afraid that karakzho could ride, attack, kidnap or even kill them.
It is believed that you should wear garlic, incense, religious cross or icon to protect yourself against karakondzhul.